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After marriage, instead of going on honeymoon, Karishma Tanna joined gym

Karishma Tanna has been married recently and after she is free from marriage, people go for a honeymoon where some go to Kashmir and some go to Shimla, some other places to celebrate honeymoon. Here Karishma Tanna is free even after marriage, she has immediately joined the gym for her workout, where her body is found to be very fit and healthy, it is also very important that from honeymoon First it is necessary to keep our body very healthy, if our body will not be healthy then how will it work, in this way you have been given a video below and people have made very good comments in the video. It is also said that honeymoon is for those who are virgin.

In this way, those who have heat for 10 days, people have made very funny and funny comments, so to read this comment and funny comment, you must go once and about honeymoon so far No statement has come out but they have been married with much fanfare where the media was always there and were doing the work of bringing the news and every update to the people, apart from this if we Talking about, she has worked in many films of Karishma Tanna such as Grand Masti and Qayamat Ki Raat and such serpent is known for her in many such TV shows films which became very famous and very tremendous super hit. Grand Masti Movie In this way, he has made his fame even more tremendous and wherever he goes, he stays behind the media to give the latest updates information.

While sharing the video here, it is written directly in the capsule that after the marriage of New Honeymoon, Karishma Tanna reached the gym immediately to do workouts, which if you see her body and figure, then her body is very healthy. And it looks very attractive, that’s why people like them a lot. Talking about people’s comments, then people have made very funny comments, many people have said that you are married, neither some people It has also been said that honeymoon is for virgin people, in which there is heat for about 10 days, some people have commented in this way, if you want, you can read this video by going to the comment, which is quite a lot. Most recent comment

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