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Badhaai Do Movie Box Office Collection Day 2, Due to Valentine’s Day Badhaai Do Movie Box Office Collection Increases

Badhaai Do movie’s box office collection has increased by more than 64 percent on the second day as compared to the first day, the box office collection of the movie has earned a lot more money. The movie continues to grow in mumbai-delhi and NCR. Today is the third day and Valentine’s Day will be on the fourth day on Monday and congratulations to the Badhaai Do to see a lot of benefits in between all these because the movie which started then the box office collection of the movie in the initial days. There was more than 10000000 box office collection but when going to the second day then the box office collection of this movie here was found to see more than 64 percent growth.

Here a post has been shared by Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh, where it has been clearly written about Badhaai Do movie that the box office collection of the movie had earned 1 point 65 crores on Friday and on Saturday. 2. 72 crores i.e. box office collection and today is the fourth day, let’s see in the fourth day how many days the box office collection is going to be, people like to see their boyfriend and girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Let’s enjoy together, go to see the film, while Rajkummar Rao is going to earn a lot on this Valentine’s Day, the total box office collection of the movie has been more than 4 crores, within 2 days and a lot further. The budget of this film will earn more, the movie has been made within ₹ 200000000 se 30 cr and is going to earn.

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