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Big competition of RRR and Bachchan Pandey’s movie, both the films are releasing on the same day, see what will happen

Welcome to entertainment news, today the release date of two films is going to be released on the same day, where the first film is RRR, which has been made completely all over India and at this time the people of the whole India Are hungry for this movie and people want to watch this film completely, while on the other hand, Bachchan Pandey Bachchan Pandey movie has already been released and almost a lot of people must have seen this film because this movie will be in theaters in 2021. It has been released and no one is going to go to the theater at the present time to watch this movie if we talk about the competition of both.

So the competition of RRR Movies has ended because RRR Movie is not understanding this film because this film was already up but was released and I am telling you that Akshay Kumar’s film release It is on 18th March 2022, it is certain that for almost 1 week, no box office collection is going to happen for Bachchan Pandey, here let us tell you that Pandey movie of Akshay Kumar is completely ready anyway. Not a good thing but in front of it, which is a very big film, Bachchan Pandey movie is nothing.

  • movie name: bachchan panday
  • Release date: 18 March 2022 (India)
  • Director: Farhad Samji
  • Adapted from: Jigarthanda
  • Music by: Tanishk Bagchi
  • Production company: Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
  • Cinematography: Gavemic U. Ary
Big competition of RRR and Bachchan Pandey's movie
Big competition of RRR and Bachchan Pandey’s movie

drop in box office collection

Either you must know that if two films are released here on the same day, then the box office collection of both of them decreases a lot, but for your information, let us tell you that the box office collection of Bachchan Pandey movie is going to be cut. That is, it will be zero for almost 1 week because the craze of RRB is very tremendous and while Bachchan Pandey has also been seen by people on OTT platform, that is why friends, the chances of watching Bachchan Pandey movie are very less here. The only way left is to postpone the release date of Bachchan Pandey movie.

You can definitely enjoy this film, although at the present time, this film may have been removed from the OTT platform as well, but you will get to see this movie in Bachchan Pandey movie theater coming on the occasion of Holi. There are all these movies, so which movie you want to watch, you can definitely tell in the comments, there is going to be a lot of competition here because on March 25, RRR Movie has also announced its release date. Bachchan Pandey film was already ready for release on 25th March, so now let’s see what happens or if someone postpones their release date, then it will be a matter of great happiness that Bachchan Pandey is here. The movie is saved or else the box office collection of Bachchan Pandey is going to be zero for almost 1 week.

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