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Deepika Padukone’s first song from the film ‘Gheeiyaan’ released, see here Deepika Padukone’s romance

Deepika Padukone’s new video song of the film has been released, whose name is Dubey, this Dubey song has been released on YouTube, which has been seen by millions of people within almost hours, in Dubey Song you can see Deepka Padukone acting Which is looking very hot and romantic, here you will get to see the romance of Deepika Padukone very well in the film, while you will get the first song in this song which has been released on Soni music channel. You guys can enjoy this song, you can see the video in the song where you are shown a romantic video, here you also get to see a lot of bold scenes with Deepika Padukone though or it is not a big deal. This is normal in all songs

  • Composer/Producer: OAFF, Savera
  • Singer: Lothika
  • Lyrics: Kausar Munir
  • Music Supervisor: Ankur Tewari
  • Mix and Master Engineer: Prathamesh Dudhane
  • Studio: Bombay Live Studios
  • Recording Engineer: Krina Shah
  • Assistant Engineer: Ganesh Nabaria
  • Backing vocals: Savera

Dube Gahriyaan Movie Song is a kind of slow-motion song which is looking like love and romantic song To listen to this song you can enjoy the normal song Talking about the credits of the movie, the author has sung the movie. The movie has been sung by K., while the lyrics have been given by kushagra, music has been given by the master and engineer Prathamesh, while the recording is done by engineer Kareena Shah, the assistant engineer has been done by Ganesh Nava Riya.

At the same time, the work has been done by Savera on the backing vocals, the song is very good and it has been seen by a lot of people so far. You can enjoy the name of the song of the film is Gheeriyaan, which will be premiered on 11th February 2022 on Amazon Prime Video, they have already bought the digital rights.

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