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Here’s a look at how the actress is wearing makeup during the shoot

Welcome to entertainment news, here we are going to tell you by taking the video of Vaani Kapoor that when she finally goes to shoot on one side, how is her life and how her make-up is done so that she You look very attractive on the screen and very tremendous in the camera, in this way let us tell you for the information that whenever you go to shoot, there are makeup designers who do makeup on their face. Apart from this, the hair is set, that is, the beauty parlor is completely engaged with them.

And even when she goes for the shoot, a combed powder along with some powder stays behind her so that her face does not get spoiled in any way on the set, so the actress is taken care of in this way. That her look should not be spoiled in any way, here you will get to see in the video that in the video of Vaani Kapoor, Vaani Kapoor has shared on her Instagram how it happens during the shooting. That here you guys are able to see in the video that someone is correcting their hair and someone is applying cream on their lips, here you guys have been given the video below and in the video you guys can understand very well that Vaani Kapoor herself has shared how the actress’s make-up is done here.

how the actress is wearing makeup during the shoot

If we talk in our language, according to our knowledge, then whatever work is done for the actress, they do all the work of makeup, people live to do makeup, all those people themselves are doing beauty parlors and some courses. Due to which they are kept for makeup, those people charge very high money, whose entire cost is borne by the producer, in this way the producer keeps these people to do makeup where you guys are in this video. If you see, it will be understood that if someone is correcting the hair of the actress, then someone is doing makeup on the face of the actress, then someone is correcting the clothes of the actress, that is, someone is keeping an eye on the fashion of the actress. All these people are given different money and all the people do their work differently, some do the work of beauty parlor, some do the work of makeup.

So if someone does the work of designing, then someone else does the work of dressing, then by combining all these things, so many people are engaged behind 1 actress, there she goes to act, then there too she is with all the make-up and All these people of fashion stay behind them so that if anything deteriorates a little or a little bit is tarnished in the face, then it is corrected again and again, in this way they have full responsibility, then you guys Must have understood, if it has not come, then you can see in this video, here Vaani Kapoor herself has shared on her Instagram and here it is written that this is how life happens during the shoot.

We always see our actors and actresses on the screen, so we think that actors or actresses must be the same way in their real life as well, but it is not like that at all, it is a kind of story and according to the story, they have to be in their own right. The face also has to be designed like if you have seen people, then in many films they have to make their face according to their films, if that face is not made like hair has to be grown, if it is not there then there is a fake. Hair is applied as if you must have seen in films that Allu Arjun had a different look, so in the same way, there is a different role for all actors and actresses, for which different makeup and Different design is done, the makeup and design of all those people is already written in this group, due to which they already know how we should design our makeup or develop ourselves.

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