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Ishq Bada Fakira Re mp3 song download khesari lal yadv

Ishq Bada Fakira Re mp3 song download khesari lal yadv

dicription for Ishq Bada Fakira Re mp3 song  : 

Hi hello friends, today we are going to tell you that we are going to tell you about this song, when was the song released, who was the singer of this song and who is the director, who is the producer, all these things about us.  Are going to talk, so if you want to read it carefully
 Keep reading, let us tell you, remembering the songs of friends, Bhojpuri is a favorite for those who like Bhojpuri, that is a latest song that you can easily download from our side by going to Google and along with your friend  You will get to hear the song on our website
 So let us now tell you about the credit of the song, this song from the movie of Jism is the name of that movie is Balam Ji I Love You and the name of the singer is Om Jha and talk about Lyrics, Larix is ​​but Mansu Singh and Music  Om Jha ji has given it and the banner is of Shikampama Production House after the star cast, Khesari Lal Yadav and Ashok are smart i.e. these people have played the lead roles.
Talking about the producer, the solution is Seema Devi and Anand Kumar and Associate Producer Raju Ansari ji, while the director was hired and the art director is Nazir sexy.  In any song, the name of the writer in the country is Surendra Mishra and Sundar Khesari Lal Yadav ji is Lyrics Pyarelal Azad Tum Duniya Do Hum
 Let me tell you, we are giving you information or information from YouTube, which is available on the web music at this time, if you find something wrong here, you can also check from there.

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