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Jersey and Attack movie will no longer release in February, release date of movie may go far, see report

Ever since the era of covid-19 has come, there has been a lot of blemish on the box office collection in the entertainment world, here let us tell you that Jersey and Attack movie are lying in a lot of pending since about 2021 Attack movie of John Ibrahim. And Shahid Kapoor’s movie Jersey has not been released yet, the release date of the movie is fixed time and again but due to covid-19 or any other reason the movie has to be postponed, where do you think that jersey movie and attack movie what will be released right now in the month of february it is not like that at all because as you guys know there are a lot of movies which are very big big movies

Here the producer of the film Jersey and the producer of Attack movie Jayantilal have not announced any release date yet, if you look on Google also, then you are seeing the old release date but now Jersey Movie and Attack Movie are still there. The film has not even been released till now, people have made a very good demand about Jersey Movie Attack movie but there is more demand than that South Movie RRR has one more film to come, named Gangubai Kathiawadi, both these films are coming. is in the month of February

Jersey and Attack movie
Jersey and Attack movie

On the basis of this, if we see, there is no space left in the middle to release the movie, if you see, Gangubai Kathiawadi is coming in the month of February, which will be available to be seen in front of the people in theaters on February 25, which is These two films can not even face the film because acting has been done by super stars Ajay Devgan and Alia Bhatt, apart from this, the promotion of this movie is also at a very high level and there is a lot of search by the people. If it is a movie, then let us tell you that this movie will be released in the month of February and half of the month of February will be gone due to covid-19 where no film will be released.

On the other hand, if we talk about March that this movie can be released in March, then even in March or the film will not be released because in the film coming in March, Aa Ra Ra Raa movie is a tremendous movie and people I am also eagerly waiting for this film, which has kept it covered till March 18 or April 28, that is, from March 18 to April 28, has kept it covered, now in the meantime there is no one to add this film as well. Also, there is no collision, that’s why Jersey and Attack movie will have to be put very far to avoid conflict, that is, in the month of April or May and June, both these films can be released because there is no way in the middle. If the film is released in the middle of the release of the movie, then the box office collection of the film will be found to be very poor.

If there is any good movie, then its dominance lasts for about 1 month, if we talk about RR movie, then no one is going to compete with it because that film is very hot and very tremendous movie. I can’t keep any film because all of India is eagerly waiting for this movie that’s why the producer of Jersey and Attack movie Jayantilal has decided whether or not they have to be disassembled because the box of the movie The office collection will get to see very poor if Jersey or Attack movie is released in these days, that is why it is most likely that either they will be released till May to release Jersey and Attack movie. could

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