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Jersey Movie OTT release date is not released yet but theatrical release date of Jersey movie has been released, on what date is it coming in movie theaters and on which OTT platform will Jersey movie release in which you will see Shahid Kapoor acting? Apart from this, who has the digital rights, which platform did you play dead on Amazon Prime Video, on which platform you will be able to enjoy a movie like this, for this you have to read the entire poster till the bottom, after that you will get complete information about Jersey movie.

Information will be received, let us tell you that Jersey movie is very excited to release from 2021 itself, but due to Kovid-19, Jersey movie is canceled again and again and now another new release date of sister-in-law like Bar. Kar Ke Aaya Hai where Jersey movie will be released in the competition of KGF Chapter 2, let us tell you that whatever is coming in your nearest theaters on 14th April 2022, where you can watch Shahid Kapoor’s movie Jersey, you will be different in Jersey movie. You have to see things like sports related to you. Good story has also been given that’s why I hope you will definitely like Shahid Kapoor’s film

jersey movie ott release date
jersey movie ott release date

jersey movie ott release date

movie name jersey
Theatrical Released Date14 april 2022
streaming partnernetflix (expected)
ott release datemay 2022
digital right pricearound 10 – 15 crores
director Gowtam Tinnanuri
StarringShahid Kapur, Mrunal Thakur, Pankaj Kapu
industrybollywood (hindi)
producerDil Raju; Suryadevara Naga Vamsi; Aman Gill
jersey movie ott release date

jersey movie audit release date will be done approx june 2022 because movie is coming in month of april So within about 1 month and it is put on Twitter, but if there is a big film then it has to wait for about 3 months, after that the movie is released on the OTT platform, by the way, almost All the movies are released on the OTT platform after 1 month, so if this happens then the movie is coming in the theater on 14th April, then by almost last May, you will get the right of the movie to watch on the OTT platform net through the net. Will be bought and thus a big one will be able to upload it on his platform Talking about other details of the movie, the movie is directed by the director of the movie Gautam and the digital price can be around 15 to ₹ 2000000000. That this is completely a matter but no official statement has been issued about it yet. has been done

jersey movie release date on netflix

Jersey Movie Release Date on Netflix Jersey Movie Last May will be released on Netflix in early June 2022 Have not disclosed about any kind of OTP, but still it may take some time for the movie to come where it is completely ready to release in the theater, so far there is no change in the films to see this. It is possible that the release date of the film may be changed further, if you change the date of release in the theater, then the possibility of theater for that along with the date of the OTT platform also increases, so if the movie is released on April 14.

If it happens, then exactly a month after that, from May 15 to 20, the film will be uploaded on the OTT platform Netflix, from where you can enjoy the movie sitting at your home, to watch the film if you have already subscribed. So you can watch the movie for free, on the contrary, if you have not subscribed then its For this you will need to subscribe which simply means that you have to provide your money, after that you can enjoy jersey movie

jersey movie release date in india

Jersey Movie Release Date The movie will be released on 14th April 2022 in India, where with multiple languages ​​you can watch Jersey movie in your nearest theater in which you will be seen acting Shahid Kapoor, tell that almost every movie of Shahid Kapoor. There is a lot of fame in a film and no film flowers so easily, but this time Jersey movie is coming in the competition of a big movie whose name is KGF and if this film is in competition with KGF. Coming, it means that there is some power in the movie, that’s why the movie is coming to compete with it, tell that Jersey movie also had a lot of craze among the people and still people like to watch Jersey movie a lot. People also search the movie on Google and search everywhere else where they do not get to see any release date because the mayor of the film keeps on putting his release date again and again, this is the reason. That people have to find their release date, although this time the final release date is 14 April 2022. Announcement has been made

jersey release date on which ott platform

Jersey Release Date OTT Platform Jersey Movie will be released on Netflix OTT platform which will be uploaded on OTT platform Netflix from 15th to 20th May 2022. It is being said that Jersey movie through Netflix will take initiative on OTT and this can also be a big initiative which was also for OTP for theaters in which you will get to watch sports related movies in that you will get Shahid Kapoor by acting bad boy Will be seen again, whose acting proves to be doing a lot of work in wooing people all over India today, tell that this movie will be released on the same platform, then you will need to subscribe for that if you have not already subscribed. So you can subscribe, after that you will be able to enjoy like sister-in-law

jersey movie in hindi

movie name jersey
release date14 April 2022 (India) Trending
DirectorGowtam Tinnanuri
Based onGowtam Tinnanuri
ProducerDil Raju; Suryadevara Naga Vamsi; Aman Gill
Distributed byYash Raj Films, Pen India Limited, Geetha Arts
jersey movie in hindi

cast & crew:

Shahid Kapoor will be seen acting in the cast of Jersey movie, apart from this, if we talk about Kairu, then the movie has been directed by Teen Noori i.e. Gautam 3 Noori, the film has been directed by the language of the movie. You will also get to see in Staring which has also been activated by Marunal Thakur and Pankaj Kapu who have taken the place in the lead role. Apart from this, talking about the producer of the film, Dil Raju and Surya Devara Naga Vasami produced the movie. Who has also invested a lot of good money in this film, the movie will be distributed by Yash Raj Films A and Pen India Limited and Geeta Art, while the movie is completely built on Jersey.


Nothing has been fully disclosed about Jersey movie story yet but if we talk about Jersey movie is a movie with a family drama spot in which you will get to watch movies related to family and action with a good comedy drama. You can also get to see, apart from this, the topic in its mouth is that support and in this film you will be shown support at a very high level. Goes to play at the level and there they are rejected, then after getting married another child is going to happen, after that she will leave everything and bring jersey for her child, in this way she tries again India cricket To go to the national team and thus here you get to watch a film with a very good sarpanch.


Jersey Movie is a 1 mega budget film where production companies have spent about 30 to 35 crores in Jersey movie, which means that Modi’s budget is not more than 30 to 35 crores at all and the same level of watching the movie. Although no film is based on its budget at all based on how good the film is

jersey movie remake

Jersey Movie Telugu is a remake of 2019 film Jersey movie where Nani was seen acting in her movie, while in place of Nani you will get to see Shahid Kapoor’s acting Movie by Telugu language director Gautam Kay. was directed by him, now the movie is being directed in Hindi language by him, the film may be more interesting, let us tell you that due to these reasons, Bollywood is always embroiled in troubles due to which Bollywood always stays from behind because no one here gives virgin story at all and all superstars come almost fail what’s your opinion, like you on our telegram channel to get movies related updates where you will continue to get information related to the latest OTT platform

jersey movie ott release date information

Theatrical Release Date: April 14, 2022

Digital Rights: n/a

OTT Release Date: May, 2022 (Expected)

Satellite Rights: n/a

Satellite Release Date: n/a

Jersey Movie OTT release date information directly states that the movie is coming in theaters on 14th April 2022 and till now no official statement has come out about the digital rights or audit release date, while about the satellite rights. And no information has been received about the satellite release date, due to which only whatever release date can be told here, all the things can be spectated, although the film will be released by 8 May 2022. You will be able to enjoy sitting at your theater


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jersey movie info

Presenter – Allu Aravind
Producers- Dil Raju, S Naga Vamsi & Aman Gill
Co-Producer- Bunny Vas
Cinematographer – Anil Mehta
I.S.C Story & Screenplay – Gowtam Tinnanuri
Dialogues – Siddharth & Garima
Editor – Navin Nooli
Music – Sachet & Parampara
Lyrics – Shellee
Bgm – Anirudh Ravichander
Production Designer – Shashank Tere
Costume Designer – Payal Saluja
Sound Designer – Nihar Ranjan Samal
Casting Director – Mukesh Chhabra
Choreographer – Bosco – Ceaser
Supervising Producer – Aneesh Mohan
Executive Producer – Rupesh Mali
First Assistant Director – Harshit Bhatia, Vipul Arora
Sports Choreographer – Rob Miller
Cricket Coach – Rajiv Mehra
Action Director – Manohar Verma
Dialect Coach – Vivek Saini
Vfx – Ny Vfx
Vfx Supervisor Kv Sanjit
Di – Futureworks
Colourist – Rahul Purav
Re-recording Mixer – Debajit Changmai
Media Consultant – Raindrop Media
Visual Promotions – Just Right Studioz Nx
Publicity Design – House Of Awe
Marketing Consultant – Varun Gupta (Max Marketing)
Digital Marketing – Little Monk Doyenne & Hifi Digital
Allu Entertainment Team – K Narasimha Rao, A Prabhakar, Satya Gamidi, Saran Raparthy

When will Jersey release in movie theaters

Released April 14, 2022 at Jersey Movie Theaters

When will Jersey movie release on OTT platform?

Jersey Movie OTT Platform May 2022 Likely To Be April

Jersey movie is a remake of which movie?

Jersey Movie 2019 is a remake of the Jersey Telugu language film, which is being directed by the director of Telugu movie by remaking Shahid Kapoor again.

Jersey movie will be released on which city platform

Jersey movie is being told to release on Netflix because it is a 1 mega budget film and the value of the movie increases due to the work of superstars in the film.

Similarly, to get the latest updates and information, you can join our Telegram channel where you will get to see the official information about the digital rights and release date of the latest OTT platform, although whenever there is any If official information is not available to see, then you are given separate information about it, which is fully spectated because after the release date of the movie is known, the hotel president comes to the public only after about 1 month.

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