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khiladi hit or flop, Ravi Teja’s Khiladi movie is a complete flop See full report

Khiladi Movie Hit and Flop Many people want to know that in the end, how much money did Khiladi movie earn, if the movie was a hit or a flop, then if we tell about it, then it is completely based on the box office collection. It happens that the budget of Khiladi movie is ₹ 600000000 where the movie has so far earned only ₹ 21000000 and now the box office collection of the film has reduced so much in India that ₹ 5000000 in Movie India 8th day box office The collection has happened which if seen is completely less and this movie is not kept on the box office collection for more than 1 month.

It may be that if more and more people go to the theater to watch the movie, then the movie should be kept on the box office collection but this movie now its box office collection has reduced a lot, so keeping it would have been a very difficult task. The movie will be kept in theaters for a maximum of 2 weeks and after that India can be told to release it on some auditee platform because Khiladi movie is going to be complete, these people had announced that 60 Crore rupees, in the same way, the movie has earned very little money at the box office collection, while the review of the film has also got to see very positive.

khiladi hit or flop
khiladi hit or flop

And Modi’s IMDb rating was also found to be very good by the people, yet this movie is a flop. And the budget of the film is ₹ 600000000, it is not right until the movie earns 60 crores, so if seen, even if the movie will be sold to the right on the OTT platform, then even more than five or 10 crores at all. Will not agree to give OTT platform while Khiladi will be released on movie platform which is a mega budget movie so it is also confirmed that this movie has been flopped

Because the 8-day box office collection of the movie has gone down a lot in just 8 days, which has become almost ₹ 500000 and in the same way, how many days the budget of the movie will be completed by collecting chiller, that’s why it was released on OTT very soon. Although Modi was released all over the world wide India, the movie was found for people to see in different multiple languages ​​all over India, but Modi has earned a good budget only in Telugu language, full of the movie in Hindi language. Sweat has gone and the movie did not do any collection at all

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