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Man arrested for recovering huge amount on the pretext of giving UPTET exam question paper, see full report

UPTET exam was held on 23 January 2022 where this time UP TET exam has been successfully conducted and completed successfully but here a lot of people tried to interfere in it who have been arrested now If the report is to be believed, according to the UP STF, he has tweeted and told that on 23 January 2022, three members of the gang who collected huge amount on the pretext of providing the question paper of UPTET 2021 examination, Sarvjit Verma and Raju Kumar Majhi and Dinesh Chandra were sent to the police station. They have been arrested from Dhumanganj area Prayagraj, which has been taken in police custody at the present time.

According to the report given above here, 3 people have been arrested from the police station Dhoomanganj area Prayagraj, here let us tell you that there were around 2500 centers from where the examination was conducted and 21 lakh people approx. The examination was given but in the meantime it is heard that Dinesh is Sarvjeet and on the pretext of making available the question paper to the people by Raju, a huge amount i.e. excessive money was collected and it was informed to the police station Dhumanganj area Prayagraj So these three persons have been arrested immediately.

During the UPTET paper, many other people have also tried to blur it in this, according to the UPTET STF, on 23 January 2022, the gang leader Monu Prajapati, who sat for a year with huge money from the candidates of UP TET exam 2021, and two other members Anil Kumar and Raja Tomar have been arrested from police station Nochandani Meerut, here let us tell you that the last time the paper was leaked and despite the tight security of the government, these people tried to bring the paper and with the people. There was an attempt to misbehave, as a result, these people have been arrested through the government and by the government police, I hope that your UPTET exam has been successfully completed and now its result is very good. people are looking forward to

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