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Murli Sharma will play this role in Ravi Teja’s Khiladi movie, see full update

You people must know about Murali Sharma, who has worked in many superhit South films, who has also played a good role in Telugu and Tamil and Malayalam language films, Khiladi movie director Ramesh Verma recently Recently, while releasing a new post, it has been written that what will be the role of Murli Sharma, let us tell you that Murli Sharma is acting in this Khiladi movie puttaparthi which is a breaking news and this is a very special update, you guys can understand it. It is said that in this you will see Murli Sharma doing a very special acting, which will do comedy work in this film or it seems like seeing the poster.

That in this movie you will be seen doing this comedy only. Talking about Murli Sharma, Murli is respected and has acted by breaking the record of action in many films, who also played the role of villain in many films. He has played the role of father well in many films, while he has also done comedy very well in many films, in the same way, Ravi Teja’s upcoming film is releasing in theaters on 11 February 2022. Whose name is Khiladi and this movie is going to go viral very well as soon as the film is released, people will have to crowd the theaters because the promotion of the movie has also been done at a very high level and the film is only in Telugu language. You will be seen acting people will be released Ravi Teja and Murli Sharma are also going to have some important role.

Murli Sharma will play this role in Ravi Teja's Khiladi movie, see full update
Murli Sharma will play this role in Ravi Teja’s Khiladi movie, see full update

The movie Khiladi Ravi Teja, which will be released in theaters on February 11, will be seen acting, this film will be released on Disney Hotstar on OTT after its release in theaters, apart from this the film can also be shown on Star Plus TV channel which That can be a very good thing, this film will be released on Disney Hotstar on the OTT platform only when the film earns a lot on the box office collection or it is brought to the OTT platform only after about 8 weeks of the film’s release. So in this way, if you want to watch in the area, then players can enjoy the movie by going to the theater, the name of the director of the movie in the theater is ramesh verma who has directed this movie and recently another new poster too. In this way, join our Telegram channel to get the latest news and information, where you will get to see the latest information.

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