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Pushpa movie box office collection has slowed down, see 4th week box office collection report

The box office collection of Pushpa film has gone down a lot, at this time as you know that many films have flopped due to this pandemic but in the second, Pushpa which has earned a lot of good money, that film. It is also going down now because it has been almost too many days since the movie was released, it is happening 4 weeks, that is, it has been almost 1 month since the movie was released and this film is very much down at the present time. It has also happened that the box office collection of his movie was Rs 1.10 crore on Monday, which is very low, which till now his box office collection of the movie was going very well Which is being provided that the movie was released in Hindi only, due to the good quality of the movie, this film is still going on, people showed their love for this movie a lot and people started liking it a lot.

Pushpa movie box office collection
Pushpa movie box office collection

Let us tell you that Pushpa Movie has earned a lot of money by coming in Telugu language movie Hindi Butt with zero promotion and now this film is going down then there is no problem even more. It is not happening because the movie has already become a superhit, which has made its record in Hindi word and also in South Indian language. The budget of Hindi films is very high, whereas Pushpa movie which is there has been remade and Pushpa movie is very much in India at present, it is also making a lot of noise, it has left many Bollywood films behind. The film has earned a total box office collection of 81 points 5 crores in Hindi word.

pushpa movie box office collection full report in 4 weeks

  • Fri 1.95 cr
  • Sat 2.56 cr
  • Sun 3.48 cr
  • Mon 1.10 cr
  • Total: ₹ 81.58 cr

The box office collection of Pushpa movie was 1 point 95 crores on Friday, while on Saturday it collected 2 point 56 crores, after that on Sunday, Pushpa movie again collected 3 point 48 crores then its Monday. The collection went down completely and on Monday collected 1 point ₹ 100000000, the box office collection of Pushpa movie in Total Hindidate has collected 81 points 58 crores, which you can see the report above, according to the news, this movie will be released now The movie is being released on OTT platform which is Amazon Prime Video on Friday, 14 January, in Hindi language and in South Indian language, Pushpa movie was already released on Amazon Prime Video.

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