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Rani Chatterjee was doing dance rehearsals for a Hindi song, foot happened, preparing to go to Bollywood

Welcome to Entertainment News Let us tell you in Bhojpuri Entertainment News that Rani Chatterjee is one of the most famous artist who has been working in Bhojpuri films for a long time and she is now preparing for Bollywood. It seems that right now because no official statement has been issued for it and no one will issue a beating statement, but let us tell you that Rani Chatterjee’s very best dance, you guys get to see dance on Bhojpuri songs. But at present, Rani Chatterjee is rehearsing in Hindi songs for her songs which was rehearsing for her first Hindi song and her feet have been fractured in such a way that while dancing, let us tell you. Apart from Bhojpuri, Rani Chatterjee has also worked in many web series, where Rani Chatterjee has also worked in web series like Mast Ram, which used to be very famous, apart from this, Rani Chatterjee also worked in many films. Such as in Bhojpuri films and ready for Hindi songs. Yaari is doing which Hindi new song is about to come, very soon you will get people exposed to cold.

Here Rani Chatterjee has written in the capsule that I fell means that I used to make my first preparations for Hindi songs which was our first Hindi song, tell that she has worked many times in Bhojpuri songs but till now never in Hindi songs. Has not worked too and is preparing for Hindi songs, Rani Chatterjee’s leg has been fractured, although this keeps happening but for the time being, Rani Chatterjee needs some rest at the moment.

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