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RRR movie ticket price Rs 2200 in Maharashtra Why not even 200 allowed in Andhra Pradesh

As you guys know that RR movie has created a lot of buzz among people, whereas Bollywood superstars have been included in rrr movie and the promotion of this movie has also been forcefully done South’s director Ram Gopal Varma Net Use Having said that in Maharashtra, the state has given permission to give you ₹ 2200 for watching RR movie for a ticket price of Rs 2200, while in Andhra Pradesh even ₹ 200 ticket is not being allowed, why should you? Don’t think it is going completely wrong here because in Maharashtra the tickets for the same movie will be kept at ₹22 and in Andhra Pradesh it is not even being allowed to keep the movie tickets for ₹200 even though the movie is the same and The film is very tremendous, such a film directed by SS Rajamouli is very tremendous in which Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan Ramcharan are seen acting as actors. is too awesome

South’s director Ram Gopal Varma has tweeted that permission has been given to sell tickets for bike rupees in Maharashtra state but in Andhra Pradesh even ₹200 tickets have not been allowed to be sold which is SS Rajamouli’s. Upcoming movie is for RR which movie is very good and a big budget movie which is releasing on 14th April or movie in the month of April but why is this being done it raises a question about existence and health but At the same time, many people have also commented on the tweet that do you think that the people of Andhra Pradesh will buy the ticket for ₹ 22 but it is not so because in Maharashtra, brother can send a ticket of Rs. In 200 2.5 ₹ 100, the ticket is correct and the film will run in that amount.

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