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After the huge success of Pushpa movie, the producer offered Rs 300 crore for Pushpa Part 2

Pushpa Movie is in a lot of discussions these days, while some people are hearing different things about Modi, while tweeting on Twitter through box office of Andhra Pradesh, it has been clearly told that The part 2 of Pushpa movie here is in the craze of a lot of people and it is also going to be liked by a lot of people, on that Leading studio alone is ready to give 300 crores for the movie part two. But she wants full rights, in this way she is moving ahead to set up a budget of Rs 300 crore on her own.

So friends, if you guys want to enjoy that papa chittu, then how did you guys like this news, you must tell once Pushpa movie is very popular team, for this, if we talk in news, then people still want to watch this film in theater. Whereas this film has been released on the OTT platform, Pushpa movie has completely gone on the mind of the people, people want to watch this movie a lot and are waiting for Part 2 to be very busy the way KGF People are waiting for Chapter 2 movie, in the same way people are eagerly waiting for Pushpa Movie Part 2 of the film too.

Here you are able to see that after the success of Rustom movie, it has been told by tweeting here that it is clearly written in the caption that Rs 300 crore has been offered by Wedding Studio where full rights Want to get this way, now even big producers here have agreed to invest money in this film, this movie will be a very high budget movie which will get you to see a lot in the second part 2 because Let us tell you that after the huge success of this movie, any producer will be ready to invest money in it because seeing the success of the movie and the way people are waiting for Part 2, the producer will invest money in this film. On the other hand, the studios that are there for this film are also very famous and good and big companies are ready to invest money in this film.

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