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Unfortunately Jai Bhim Movie Will Not Get Oscar Award, People Tried Too Much On Twitter

All of you must know about Jai Bhim Movie in Entertainment News Jai Bhim movie came in lift to get Oscar award but latest breaking news is coming at present time that Jai Bhim movie is not that much best. This movie has been omitted from the list of Oscar award so that this film can get Oscar award, due to which you will get to see a lot of people in its training on Twitter these days, where the fans of Jai Bhim have praised the movie. To tell the best, the entire training has been kept on Twitter, but for your information, let us tell you that Jai Bhim movie has been removed and now Jai Bhim will not get Oscar award, apart from this Surari Sons movie. The Oscar award can definitely be received, but the fans of Jai Bhim movie had a big dream that their film would get the Oscar award.

Unfortunately Jai Bhim Movie Will Not Get Oscar Award
Unfortunately Jai Bhim Movie Will Not Get Oscar Award

But such a dream has been broken forever and now whatever the decision has been taken not to get the Oscar award, let us tell you that Jai Bhim movie is being trained on Twitter by the people at this time. This is being done where people are trying to tell that the best movie for Oscar movie is Jai Bhim i.e. Jai Bhim movie is eligible for Oscar award because it is very good and movie providing a social message. But still this is not being affected at all by the people and the South Indian movie of Suriya has completely spread the light of despair by placing a hope among the people.

Similarly, to get the latest entertainment news, join our telegram channel, where you will continue to get entertainment set letter to see every news, Jai Bhim Movie is clearly written here in Twitter that Jai Bhim Movie is no longer Best Picture to get award often because award is often very tremendous award and for this it is very necessary to have a film also means it is mandatory for the movie to be the best film and it is refreshed and given the Oscar award. But it was first selected for the Oscar Award but it has been canceled at the present time.

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