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up main sab ba: The teaser of Ravi Kishan’s new song has been released, in which you will get to see what is in UP

up main sab ba; – Welcome to Entertainment News, you are all new song sung by Ravi Kishan in UP, which is about to release part 2 very soon, which you will get to see very soon, let us tell you that Bhojpuri You will get to see this song on the world wide YouTube channel, on which the teaser of this Bhojpuri song has been released, through the teacher, we will tell you all things related to BJP through Ravi Kishan. What work has been done in Uttar Pradesh, in this way information will be provided here through singer artist Ravi Kishan, from where you people will have a history and what is and what is not, about it and what is not. If you are going to get it, then you will definitely be waiting very eagerly for this video because Ravi Kishan’s coming in the midst of you people, what is this song in Uttar Pradesh soon?

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Ravi Kishan, who has also been the MP of Gorakhpur, who is also the artist campaigner of BJP at present time, he has also campaigned for Bhoj BJP but at present time let us tell you that ever since Neha Rathore presented this song Was that what is in Uttar Pradesh then Ravi Kishan presented the song in response to him that there are things in Uttar Pradesh in which all the things could not be revealed but at the present time Ravi Kishan has done part 2 of that song. You are going to bring in the middle of the people, in which Ravi Kishan will tell what is in UP and what is not, in such a way that complete information should be spread to the people in UP that what is there and what is not in Uttar Pradesh because as you know that The election is about to come and through the election, all the parties are praising themselves and are engaged in straightening their owl, so here in this way how much all the people vote for this song, definitely tell in the comment box.

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