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Urfi Javed shot a photo in a new dress, the cut was visible in such a place, people said it is absolutely hot poison

Urfi Javed is one of the Indian actresses who has worked in many TV serials and TV shows, has given her a lot of popularity, she has a lot of fan following on her own. There is a fan following where people see their photos and share their videos, apart from this, due to their new dress and clothes, they also keep coming in the headlines forever, where new comments are made by people on their behalf. and is covered by each of the major news companies

Urfi Javed has worked in almost many TV serials such as TV shows like Bigg Boss and Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania, Me In is highly praised, apart from this, Urfi Javed is also very famous due to his new dress and Due to the new new design in the new dress, their dress is also very much always in discussion, due to these tests of Urfi Javed, sometimes these people also have to fall prey to the oops moment, where because of the oops moment of these people. It starts appearing in their private parts, in this way a lot of headlines are being made on social media and also in Instagram and other headlines.

Urfi Javed shot a photo
Urfi Javed shot a photo

For your information, let us tell you that Urfi Javed has recently shared a new post on his Instagram, where he is clearly wearing a black color dress, almost too much on the back side in a black color dress. The cutting is visible in the dress and the design is also visible, in this way she is trying to show her design and dress, she has shared a rail on Instagram where people commented very romantically in it. Some people have said that the mouse has done the work of shearing their dress, while some people have also made some more romantic and board comments, you can also see their board and romantic comments by going to their Instagram

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While sharing the photo here, Javed has clearly written in the capsule here that the black color dress looks very good on us and the look we have due to the black color dress is even more Writing becomes better, in this way, she has shared the train wearing a black color dress on her Instagram, where the fan has seen her very well and many people have commented very well, besides the name InstantBollywood has an Instagram where people have trolled them a lot, in this way they also have to face a lot of people but still they remain the face of people due to their fashion in front of them, similarly inter and information Join to get our telegram channel where you will continue to get information related to the latest entertainment, in this way you can also follow us on Google News, where you will continue to provide many interesting topics related entertainment.

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