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Urfi Javed was saved from falling on the ground wearing heeled sandals with a new dress, people said why do you wear it when you do not know how to handle

Urfi Javed is very much in discussion these days and due to these antics of Urfi Javed, she always makes headlines. Along with this, the address which gives a different look and gives a different identity, he was wearing that dress and there his leg was staggered and there he was also in danger of falling, that is, he had to fall. There was very little time left to fall that he took care of himself, after handling himself, when the photographer said that the gang don’t fall, she is saying that where are we falling but still people took this step. But because of the comment very fiercely because they get a chance here, people commented very fiercely that if you do not know how to wear then why do you wear it, even many people have written that urfi javed nonsense Remove the woman, who has brought this here

Urfi Javed
Urfi Javed

In this way, people’s comments are also available for people to see, but here positive comments are also available to see, not only negative, but if you talk to people in positive, then people have given them a lot of good advice. Some people have advised them not to wear heel sandals, then some people have said that when wearing heel sandals or sleeping, then you should not wear hill sandals, in this way people have given them a lot of advice, then someone here But we have also given love to them well, let us tell you that due to this dress, people also like them very much and due to this dress, they always come in the headlines, it is better to give more information about their Javed. It is sure that you people must know about them, you have been given a video clip below, you can watch this video clip by taking it.

This video of Urfi Javed is becoming fiercely viral on YouTube and other social media as well, which people are also liking very much, if you people also want to see this type of YouTube, then you can also watch this video here. You may not even need to go to Instagram, if you want to read comments about that, then you may need to go to Instagram to read comments, so in this way you people are able to give You must have never seen such a look before, here Urfi Javed has demonstrated himself by wearing a different kind of dress to you guys, similarly you can join our telegram to get the latest news and entertainment information. The channel where you will get to see news information related to the latest entertainment

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