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valimai box office collection day 4: The box office collection of Ajith Kumar’s movie got to see the growth of the fourth day

valimai movie box office collection day 4 Here we are talking about them how much has been the box office collection on the fourth day. The box office collection of the fourth day has collected around ₹ 190000000, this is an estimated collection being told here, although no rail statement has been told about the fourth day but tell that the box office of the second day of valimai movie The office collection was around 11 point 6 crores, where the movie in Telugu collected Rs 11.34 crores, while the Hindi version of the movie had a collection of 0.19 crores, but on the fourth day, Tamil Nadu India in ₹ 190000000 India. And including the whole of India, a collection of about 19 crores has been done, if seen in the whole world, then the world wide collection of the fourth day has been collected from 23 to 24 crores.

In this way the box office collection of valimai movie has been provided, on the first day when the movie came in theaters, on 24 February 2022, the movie was released in TamilTelugu and Hindi and in Canada, where the movie opened in Tamil language on the first day itself. I had earned 30 decimal 24 crores because the virgin language of the movie is Tamil and the second in Telugu language Modi earned 1.3 crores, in Hindi the film had earned zero decimal ₹ 15,000,000, along with it in Canada, zero zero 1 crore collection. In this way, the first day of the movie was India’s collection and the movie had reduced the box office collection by more than 63 within the second day, after that when the third day came, the movie saw an increase of about 45. was found but on the fourth day the box office collection will get to see even more because tell that Valimai had become housefull to watch the movie.

valimai box office collection day 4
valimai box office collection day 4

And housefull board was also put in many places, here on Sunday almost all the films got the housefull board to see because vimala nayak and gangubai kathiawadi and valimai movie all these movies ready to complete each other Was and all the films are doing well in the industry at present, it is difficult to tell the hit and flop about the movie, but let us tell you that this movie will definitely be a hit because the world wide collection of the movie has been tremendous. By including the fourth day, the total world wide collection has done a world wide collection of about ₹ 118 and has completed the collection of about 180 crores of India.

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