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video: Netaji himself gave the statement of looting public money, watch the full video, high thoughts of the leaders of our country

Today we are going to introduce you to a video in which Netaji tells himself about looting public money and his statement is that we have completely looted public money and we have not been able to build a road, we did it this time. Scorpio takes, but Scorpio has a tussle here and there, that’s why we are going to take some other jugaad, so when the journalist asked what is your idea now, then Netaji told in very simple words that now we are doing now. Bar helicopters are about to become very viral,

you can see this video on Instagram, although there is no real leader but you will get to see people here, an entertaining video in which you people have been made a funny video, then you can watch this video. You can enjoy the video itself or the video is becoming very famous, at this time this video is famous on YouTube and other social media for a long time, then you can enjoy this video.

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